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New Puppies at Ridgewood

Puppies For Sale September 17, 2019

Hello everyone!  We’re back with another group of new pups who are eager to find their forever homes this week!  These guys and girls are so full of personality and cheer and we cannot wait to share them with you guys!  Ridgewood puppies go home with our Lifetime Warranty and all of their puppy shots already completed.  We’re more than happy to go over any training or puppy owning questions you may have and we have a wide variety of puppy supplies available in both our locations.  So you’re all set when you find you furbaby with Ridgewood!  If you see someone you like below, or even have an older pup here that you’ve had your eye on, give us a call or stop in to make them yours!  We’re open seven days a week and the pups love visitors!  Enjoy the new puppies below!

This week Ridgewood welcomes Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Zane, Ashleigh, Ashlyn, Solara, Soleil, Diana, Phinneas, Philippa, Phoebe & Nico!

First up we finally have Schnoodles again!  We know so many of you have been waiting for this mix and we’re so excited to share these cuties with you!  Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are such friendly pups, with big personalities but such good manners.  They are the epitome of a silly Poodle who loves fun mixed with a good mannered and mature Schnauzer.  These three cuties cannot wait to start bonding with forever families, so don’t make them wait!  Reserve your favorite online today!
Kawasaki, Male Schnoodle (Kinzers)

Suzuki, Female Schnoodle (Shrewsbury)

Yamaha, Female Schnoodle (Shrewsbury)

Up next we have Zane, a spirited little Shorkie puppy!  Zane is a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier and he’s got so much charm and joy packed into his tiny little body, it’s hard not to turn into a giggling pile of love around him!  Shorkies are a great choice for families with children and they make great companion dogs.  Zane is so full of love and can’t wait to have a forever family to share it with!  Stop in today or give us a call to make him yours!
Zane, Male Shorkie (Shrewsbury)

Ashleigh and Ashlyn are up next!  These two cuties are Cavapoos, half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, half Poodle.  They love humans sooooooooo much, and promise to shower their future families with so much affection!  Ashleigh and Ashlyn love playtime, and they are so gentle with other puppies and children.  These two would make great emotional support pets or traveling companions.  They’re up for anything, and always love attention or adventures!  Stop in anytime to meet these cuties, or make one a part of your family with a deposit online today!
Ashleigh, Female Cavapoo (Kinzers)

Ashlyn, Female Cavapoo (Kinzers)

Up next we have two beautiful Dachshund sisters!  Solara and Soleil are such bright, funny little girls.  They love humans and always want so much love and attention.  Which we’re happy to provide of course, and we’re sure they’re forever family will feel the same!  Solara and Soleil are hoping for families who love silliness, snuggling and don’t mind having a pet who adores every thing they do!  Stop in to make one of these sweethearts yours today!
Solara, Female Dachshund (Kinzers)

Soleil, Female Dachshund (Shrewsbury)

It’s Diana’s turn now!  Oh, how we love this little girl!  Diana is the best snuggler in the world and will make an amazing therapy or emotional support dog.  During playtime she always sits by our side, staring lovingly at us.  She is a Hava Tzu, half Havanese and half Shih Tzu.  This is a great companion mix and Diana is sure to make the very best friend for someone!  We’ll all be very jealous of whoever ends up with this amazing girl!  Give us a call today to make sure that’s you!
Diana, Female Hava Tzu (Kinzers)

Now we have three adorable Frenchton puppies!  Phinneas, Philippa and Phoebe are three of the sweetest, silliest pups and they cannot wait to meet you!  They are half French Bulldog, half Boston Terrier and are full of personality and quirkiness…very true to their mix!  While they might not be the most graceful during playtime, they sure do put their whole hearts into it and have an absolute blast.  We can’t help but constantly giggle at and fawn all over them!  Stop in today or reserve Phinneas, Philippa or Phoebe online today!
Phinneas, Male Frenchton (Kinzers)

Philippa, Female Frenchton (Kinzers)

Phoebe, Female Frenchton (Shrewsbury)

Last up for this week we have Nico, a beautiful Teddypoo puppy!  Nico is a mix of Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle.  He is a great choice for people who have allergies, and Teddypoos are always so great with children!  Nico loves playtime and is so well behaved!  We just know he’ll be great with training and he promises to give his forever family so much love throughout the years!  Stop anytime for a visit with this cutie, or give us a call today to add him to your family!
Nico, Male Teddypoo (Kinzers)

Check out these new puppies in our weekly new puppy videos on Facebook!

As always, thank you so much for the love and support you show these babies!  If you see someone you like, don’t hesitate to pop by for a visit, or give us a call!  We hope you all have a wonderful week and we’ll see you back here next Tuesday!

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