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Ridgewood Kinzers
5015 Lincoln Highway
Kinzers, PA 17535
Phone: (610) 873-7045
Fax: (717) 407-5431

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Ridgewood Kennel Reviews

We thought we would compile some of our letters we’ve received over the years about our puppies and how happy their parents are.  Feel free to read our Ridgewood Reviews and Ridgewood Testimonials below.  Also remember we are ACA Five Star Participants, we offer lifetime warranties, and all of our puppies are USDA approved and licensed.  As with all of our pages, please contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.  Thank you.  -Ridgewood Kennels II

Ridgewood Testimonials

“I have used several trainers on several different dogs, and never had results as quickly as I have with your advice. Not only have I been to several dog obedience classes, I have bought so many videos, and training aids. Nothing I have done was even close the results that I have had from following your advice in emails. She has not ignored any of my commands off leash since I received the advice from you. Both times that I needed help from you, you had the right answer, with astonishing results. It is remarkable how a couple paragraphs from you can make such a difference. Unlike most breeders, it is a wonderful thing to see that a breeder cares about the dogs long after money exchanges hand. The minute I walked into your store and talked to your fantastic employee that had enormous knowledge about dogs, and the warranty that no other breeder would consider to offer. I knew that you guys were runny a great business. The fact you still care long after, shows that it is better than great, it is amazing! I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a puppy.”  -Laura B.

“We have been meaning to contact you guys ever since we bought our first puppy from you, but now we have 2 from you! We met and fell in love with our first addition, Baxter (Caviston) in 2011, and then came back for more puppy love in 2012 and met our 2nd addition, Tank (Yorkichi)! We can’t tell you how much we love our boys and how much joy they have brought to our lives. Baxter just turned 2 years old last month and Tank just turned 1 year old this past November. We couldn’t imagine life without them now. We love that their mixed breeds are so unique and anyone who meets them, instantly loves them! Their personalities are awesome! They are the best of brothers. one day to add another to the mix!” – Sharon & Mike R.

“Hi! We just wanted to let you all know how much our little girl bichon-poo (named “Mia”) has enriched our lives!!!!! Mia has brought us so much joy in the time we have had her since the middle of September and each day is very special to us!” -Arnold Family

“Moe is a Yorkie-chon that I got from your company 2 years ago. He is such a smart and loving little boy! Thanks again for bringing this lovely affectionate gift into me and my family’s heart and home.” -Brenda R.

“My family bought a dog from this kennel in July. He is a white bichonpoo, Oliver, and he is the absolute love of our lives!!!” -Imani M.

“I am madly in love with my pugapoo. I bought him 4 years ago from you guys and he has been the best dog I ever had.  My friends compliment him all the time by saying hes the perfect dog and he really really is.” -Shelley

“We got Hailey almost five years ago from Puppy Boutique. Hailey is a happy, fun-loving energetic Jack Russell. We couldn’t be happier! She has a sweet disposition and is a great companion and friend!” -Peter D.

“Olivia is turning 1 year old in a couple of weeks. We thought we would send you pictures of her. We got her last Memorial Day weekend and she is the best dog in the world. We’re hoping to get her a friend in the future (from you of course). Thank you for bringing her into our lives.” -Avayou Family

“Just wanted you to know that the dachshund my husband and daughters got is doing great! Gabby is loving her new life!” -Renee F.

“We have had many dogs over our lifetime. Without a doubt our Jenny is the best of the best! From day one, she acclimated to us and our home and all others that she comes in contact with. Never have we had a dog that has such a wonderful personality. She has brought much joy into our home. She has been cage trained and even from day one, she has never whined nor complained. She is one amazing little and mighty puppy! We just wanted to let you know what a great decision we made when we purchased her from you folks!” -Bill & Sharon

“In 1993 we purchased one of your babies, a male brindle Cairn Terrier. We named him Mack, and for almost 16 years he was a member of our family. A wonderful dog, a joy to me and my husband, he went everywhere with us and loved it. We purchased him in 1993 in Ocean City, MD. He was very healthy and stayed very active, loving to chase a ball and very affectionate. He passed away on December 22, 2008. It was unexpected and peaceful, and he had remained healthy all his life.  I thought you would like to know what had become of one of your babies. He lived a very long and happy lifewith us and he is greatly missed. When I purchase another dog, I will be contacting you to do so. Thank you so much.” -Norma and Kevin

“Lola will be 14 weeks tomorrow and she is definitely the love of my life! I visited you guys for a long time and finally found the perfect match for me!” -Carol

Thanks so much for all your help! We’ll recommend you to family and friends!!!!” -Bill, Deb, Emily, Olivia and Adeline

“I wanted to let you know that Roxie is a blessing to our family. She is doing very well and just loves her big sister, Toto. They are perfect for each other. She is almost 4 months old and getting bigger everyday. Thank you for all of your help with finding the perfect new puppy to add to our famly. We just adore her.” -Roxie’s mommy (Roxie is her second puppy from Ridgewood)

“Our family loves Scrappy. He is the perfect addition. Thank you for all of you help. You have a great business there and I will recommend you to all my friends and family.” -Rachael

“I take Sugar to the Nursing Home to visit my Mother-in-law in Dover, PA and to visit my Mother at the Brethren Home. Sugar is a hit at both places. Thanks for a wonderful puppy!” -Lou & Diane

My little Lhasa joined the family in September at the age of 8 weeks and weight of 1 3/4 pounds.She is now 20 weeks and about 6 1/2 pounds. I cannot imagine my life without her! She is so well adjusted. Loves playing with the grandkids and loves attending puppy classes where she can attack all the big dogs! Thank you…you guys are great. I’m hoping to be back in thespring to add a little playmate to the household!” -Donna (has since purchased three more puppies below!)

“You have given me so much to be thankful for with these four little girls! Snickers (Lhasa) is now 2 1/2 years old, MaggiMoo (Shichon) is now 1 1/2, Tootsie (Shichon) just turned 1 in September, and Munchkin (Cairn Terrier) is now 9 months. The pleasure they have given me and the happiness they have brought into my home can not be imagined. Each little one has their own unique personality and we never know what to expect! Snickers tries to be the “pack leader”, but Munchkin often shows her who’s boss! Maggi is the protector of all. As soon as one of the others barks or yelps, she is right at their side to make sure everything is OK. Tootsie is the quiet one….loves to hang out on the couch and watch TV…usually lying on her back in hopes of someone rubbing her belly! The days are just one laugh after another. Thanks again, I’d come and visit but you know what happens if I do that!” -Donna
(proud owner of 5 Ridgewood puppies and aunt to 1 Ridgewood puppy!)

“I have been wanting to extend my gratitude to everyone who works at this store for bringing me my little fluffball of joy! About a year and a half ago, (November 16, 2006 to be exact) I walked into your store just to look, in search of possibly buying a female Yorkie. At the time, there were none available, however, there was this one little white ball of fluff, a female Maltese. It was love at first sight through the glass window. I just had to have her no matter what. My little Tootsie is now a year and a half old, and I don’t know what I would do without her. I just wanted to send my sincere thanks for bringing this little girl into my life. There’s no love like puppy love, and I couldn’t love anything else more.” -Kristy

“Hi, my name is Maura, and I bought a Malitpoo from you last August. We love him soooo much, he was a great addition to our family. I recommend you guys to all my friends and co-workers!” -Maura

“We named our new puppy Mia and so far so good. She has such a great disposition, and she is such a happy little puppy. My wife fell in love with her the moment she saw her. Thank you so much!” -Rick

“We can’t take Marley anywhere without being stopped 20 times for people to tell us how cute he is. Thanks again for helping us find such a great pup!” -Kelly

“Thanks so much for everything. Brody is absolutely adorable. We had a wonderful weekend with him. He is very playful, loving and smart! Can’t wait to get off work and go home to see and play with him! We took lots of pictures and will make sure that we send you some!” -Sue

“I bought a Schnoodle from you and her name is Emma. Emma is such a sweet puppy and has brought so much joy to me and my husband. I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of Emma. She is 5 months old now and weighs 10lb 3oz. Thanks for all your help and for
such a beautiful puppy!” -Mike & Stacey

“[Our cockapoo] has turned out to be such a jem! She actually goes in the crate all by herself. She was a little shy at first, but then settled in after a few hours. She slept in the crate all 3 nights so far and she has been going to the potty outside. We can’t wait for our grandchildren to see her. I’ll send pictures as soon as she grows a little, and so far we are VERY pleased with our Sweetie. Thanks for breeding such a great puppy!” -Anne & Bob

”Yoshi has gotten big and he is doing great! so glad we found you guys he is a great dog for our family!” -Ann

“Poohkie Bear has made me so happy and brought so much joy to my life! She has such a great personality and is very talkative! Hard to believe we brought her home in January. Thanks so much for such a great puppy!” -Laura

“Eight months ago we bought Pascal from your store. He is a Bichonpoo and he is a darling. He loves other dogs and people and is the happiest dog I know. He constantly wags his tail, is a quick learner, and loves to take walks. We are so happy to have him in our
lives.” -Colleen

“We are so thankful for these two!!! Thank you for raising such sweet tempered dogs.  They have truly become a special part of our family.” -Michelle L.

“Lilly is the BEST thing to ever have happened to our family! She is a LOVE! The kids are amazing with her and she gets so much love and attention. We adore her!  She is so smart and has the sweetest disposition! We couldn’t be happier!” -Lisa M.

“I bought a Chihuahua from your over 5 years ago and love him and your place so much that I have recommended you to everyone I know that wants a dog. A friend of mine from work bought 2 puppies from you Zoey and Zeus and loves your place too.” -Carol Ann S.

“Hi Holly, I just wanted to take a moment and update you one our puppy. We bought Mason (or as you knew him, Asher) from you guys in March. When we brought him home he was a 2.7 pound 10 week old tiny puppy.  To this day he is now 10 pounds and almost 7 months old.  Mason is the first pet I have ever had.  He has brought sooo much joy to me & my families lives.  He was potty trained within a month & a half…he is such a happy, playful, hyper, silly little guy.  We are in the process of trying to teach him sit, stay, those types of tricks.  He already knows speak.  He learned how to play fetch almost as soon as we brought him home and he also likes to swim!  He was so easy to crate train, that’s the only place he sleeps.  When he gets tired, he will walk into his crate by himself and go right to sleep. He sleeps all night, sometimes I have to actually wake him up in the morning lol.  From the moment we brought Mason home, he was such a happy puppy.  I could tell from that moment that you guys really take care of the pups you sell.  I have recommended 2 people to check out Ridgewood to buy puppies. I’m hoping to eventually buy Mason a friend soon, hopefully within the next year and I will definitely be buying from you guys!” -Jen C.

“We bought the most wonderful Westie from you 2 years ago.  He is and amazing guy!” -Patti K.

“We have bought two pups from you in the past and they are such a joy!” -Janet P.

“Hi Holly!  Since Halo has been home with us she has only had 1 accident in the house. She really adjusted well to her new home and is doing great with potty training.  It also helps that we are all on the same page with her too. Our whole family enjoys her so much that my two girls fight over who gets to play with her lol!” -Mel

“Thanks again Holly!  My parents love Juliette are were given so much help and great information when they came to pick her up!” -Kim W.

“It’s almost two years to the day that I picked Parker up from you.  He is the most loveable, adorable dog that I could ever ask for in my life! Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful joy in my life!” -Michelle Z.

“Hey, it’s been almost a year since we bought Maddie from you and we just wanted to let you know how great she has been.  We haven’t had any health issues and she is an amazing little dog.  We couldn’t be happier with her, she is a ball of fun and is very happy with us!” -Jon T.

“I thought I would send some current photos of Penny @ 8 mos. She is so adorable.  We are so pleased with how she is turning out. She is a little sweetheart! She is full of energy,  comical, and extremely smart.” -Laura B.

“I think it’s a safe bet that *I* love your puppies! LOL  Miss MoneyPenny is the 5th puppy  I’ve purchased from you!  If you will recall, I bought 3  puppies in one day. One of these days, when I can get them to sit still long enough, we’ll try and take a group picture and send it to you.  I guess I would be one of your biggest fans! I adore them all and each of them has brought a lot of joy to our families!” – Sharon

“We bought Jack, a male shichon, from you about a year and a half ago and I have to say this little man is the love of my life.  I have owned many dogs in my life but never one that is so happy all the time and is just a joy to have in our family.  Everything about him is just perfect, anyone who meets him wants to take him home. Thank you so much for this joyous experience, we would definately come to you again for another puppy.” -Julie & Tim

“Thank you Holly. I adopted Mae yesterday and so far everything is going great. She is so sweet and smart. I love her to pieces already. I’m trying to get some good photos to send you guys, but she’s a quick one. As soon as I get some good ones I’ll email them to you.” -Dawn

“Just wanted to let you know that Jake (Schnoodle) is doing just fine. He has brought much fun and excitement into our home. Just want to thank you so much for the opportunity of having to buy Jake from you. You were very informative on how to take care of him. We enjoy each day more and more. Thank you again and we just love Jake.” -Deborah & Eric

“I love my happy, healthy, little puppy! Clearly well cared for before we brought him “home”. Thank you for our new addition!” -Christi B.

“We bought Monkee (a yorkiechon) in February of 2012 at your then Downingtown location & we couldn’t be happier.” -Ashley W.


  1. I bought my Shih Tzu from them and they were marvelous to work with. I love my Dutchess and I am so happy I found them. Highly Recommended. Dutchess is a joy to my husband and I and also my kids and grand kids.

  2. we bought a female shichon fron kennel and she is doing great, eating and playing . highly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy, will send pictures soon.named her kia shay

  3. We bought our toy poodle Fletcher in February of 2015 he is a real joy. He was easy to train and I can tell he was well loved before coming to live with us.

  4. Testimonial:

    Our Paisley, Western Highland Terrier is a great joy. We have a daughter who is entering her teens and she is on the Autism Spectrum, highly academic and has anxiety issues. She had never had a dog before and was skittish around dogs. We didn’t know how she would take to a new puppy. We explained this situation to the ladies at Ridgewood (via phone) and they helped us introduce Paisley to our daughter. Our daughter was somewhat nervous but Paisley was so unique: she could zip and race about at 8 weeks old but yet, as soon as you picked her up, she relaxed within a 1/2 a second and was cuddly. We were in love. We took our daughter out for lunch at the Amish market and she asked about getting Paisley “before anyone else takes her.” While we were there to purchase Paisley, another customer came in to announce that the dog they purchased from Ridgewood had died at a very elderly age. They needed a new puppy “and weren’t going anywhere else for another puppy.”
    We got Paisley home and I was astounded that she took right to her crate. At four months, she steps right in and does so as well with the carrier we brought her home in.
    A couple days after bringing Paisley home, I wondered if she was getting enough sleep. I emailed the ladies and got a reply back within a half hour (in the evening) to reassure me.
    That was in February. Today, she is 4 months old. Paisley continues to be a joy. She has started “Puppy Obedience Class” with us once a week. I’m happy to say, it’s not training for problem behaviors. Just learning to walk on a leash, come when called, good manners.
    Our vet saw Paisley within the same week of purchase, pronouncing her healthy. She is already done with her first year shots and in June, she will go in for her spay & microchip surgery.
    My elderly mother also lives with us and will tell you (as she tells everyone) “This little baby has brought a lot of joy to our lives.” and “It’s done wonders for my granddaughter.”
    I personally waited so long in getting this testimonial in because they are usually written when the puppy is so new in the house. I thought it only fair to your prospective customers, Paisley and us to give you a clearer picture of our joy at having Paisley.
    Her personality is really the same as it’s been since the day we bought her: she’s a wonderful little nut. She knows how to play hard, when to cuddle and settle down. We have been blessed.
    Further, I just read this to my mother and she nodded, telling me: “Very good. That’s our Paisley.”

  5. We bought our “Max” in 2007 from the Puppy Boutique in Downingtown. He is a mini poodle (large toy). He will be 11 years old in May. He has been a healthy and happy boy, and the light of my life! He is always by my side and has brought my family so much happiness.

    • Awe, Thats awesome! Glad you and Max are happy!

  6. We are extremely happy with our schipoo puppy! She joined our family in February! Our experience with Ridgewood Puppies was very good. We would definitely buy another puppy from them in the future!

    • Thank you for everything!

  7. Since we took our Hava Tzu Puppy (Odette) home on 3/29/18 she has been a delight.
    We named her Luna and she has been a very welcome addition to our family.
    Some staff members at the Vet have commented on how well Ridgewood had taken care of her. We found the staff at Ridgewood to be very helpful in our selection of our new puppy. Several people have asked us about our experience and we highly recommended Ridgewood to them.

  8. very kind and recommended several people congratulations for their good service. My baby is called FELICITY.

  9. We brought home two sibling Cockapoos in March 2018 and are very pleased with the entire transaction. The employees at the store were helpful and were patient and kind when I called back with training questions. Our pups are 100% healthy and perfect in all ways. I would recommend Ridgewood Kennels to my friends and family. Thank you!

    • 😀 That’s great to hear! Thank you for choosing Ridgewood!

  10. We bought Duncan and he has been a complete joy to our family! Wonderful temperament and personality! He loves everyone!!

  11. We bought our first Morkie, Cali Girl, and we are totally in love with her! We had such a great experience at Ridgewood and I highly recommend them!!

    • I just purchase a beautiful male Yorkie he is so cute and sweet as he can be. Any questions I have Holly is there to answer it thank you so much 🙂 super happy with my yorkie

  12. Hello to all reading this comment. We bought our first puppy a Shichon, who is now almost 5 yrs old from Ridgewood Kennels when they were in Gap PA. The Kinzers shop is so much nicer. So we bought our 2nd puppy a Frenchton male just about 2 weeks ago from the Kinzer shop and we couldnt be happier. They have a great selection of puppies from good breeders. The only request that I would give to the shop owner is PLEASE give the puppies a mat to sleep on. When we were there most of the cages had poop in the trays and the puppies were sleeping on the metal grate. I also suggest that your employee ,who was very nice, not allow her 3 children to take the puppies out and run throughout the store with them. Puppies are small and fragile not to mention expensive. I would most definately purchase from this shop again just please give the little babies a mat to sleep on. Thanks for the quality puppies!

    • hello Victor. We’re glad to hear your happy with your puppies. However you should know that puppies don’t have mats in their cages for two reasons. One, they will go to the bathroom on them, and then sleep on it. This is why they have drop cages. this way any waste produced can drop through and leave a cleaner surface for them to live in. Second, young puppies will chew and eat the mats. Obviously this can be problematic and could be fatal if they ate enough of it. As so to employees children carrying the puppies around the store. This is something we will be looking into immediately. Thanks for your business. Let us know if you need anything!

  13. I bought my very first dog,a yorkie,Tucker(Victor)a week ago from the Shrewsbury location and I couldn’t be more pleased.He is such a cuddle bug and sweetheart.He is learning all kinds of new things and catches on very quickly.I highly recommend anybody looking for a dog,come here.Very friendly and clean environment as well.Thank you for bringing Tucker(Victor)into my life!!

    • Awwww.. this is great to hear. Thank you for your support

  14. My family and I were just passing by the Kennel in Kinzer, PA. This was going to be the beginning of our puppy looking experience. My son had a bad experience with two rescue kittens and had decided all animals were frightening. Going into the Kennell we knew we wanted a Shish Tzu because that is what my family has always had and we had decided we wanted another male. The Kennell had one left, his name was Hamlet!!
    We were given plenty of time to meet Hamlet and get to know him! My son got attached and felt comfortable enough to meet him. My mom has bad joints and staff helped place a chair in the puppy play area. What was supposed to be the first stop to looking at puppies ended up being our last. This has to do with the awesome staff! Well taken care of animals!! The complete experience was amazing. The payment plan was easy to complete! Having all the puppy supplies at the store was convenient! Thank you for introducing us to the newest addition to our family! He loves playing catch with his toys and is a total ‘Hammie’ for food! He has become out Poe!

  15. It has been a week since my family added Baloney a male French Bulldog to our house. In only a short timeframe the connection with my wife and children is incredible. He has the perfect temperament and personality to join my crazy house. The staff was terrific and patient as it took a little bit of time for my kids to finally decide on Baloney, now named Maximus. I came from Philadelphia and the two plus hour drive was well worth it. The puppy looked strong and healthy when we saw him but with this breed there are always some health concerns. I waited until after our first vet appointment to post anything, just to be safe. The Vet was very impressed from the length of his healthy snout, to the way his tail was docked. Ridgewood was not only quality service but they provided a top of the line quality puppy! I am very excited for my families future with Maximus and if we ever decide to add to our family Ridgewood Kennels is where I will go!!

  16. I LOVE my COOKIE. She is the most adorable puppy. She loves to snuggle and is the best “work partner” during the pandemic. Keeping me company by sitting by my feet all day. She is full of energy so when ” we are not working from home” for work, she runs around and plays with all of her toys. She loves to run around the apartment and “attack” her toys. I want to thank Ridgewood Kennels for helping me find my new “daughter” I love my shih tzu puppy 🙂

  17. Hi Holly I am sending you an update on Gigi Browning who was known as Kitty. She was the smallest of the litter of the Multipoos. We live in Las Vegas and we are constantly stopped by tourist who want to take her picture. She will be turning 4 years old in July and she is the love of our life. We are lucky to have found Ridgewood Kennels and thank you Holly for setting us up for success.

    • Awe! So glad to hear this. Thank you 🙂

  18. In Oct of 2012 we purchased (Bentley) a Yorkichon and absolutely LOVE this bread. The best personality, super loving, and hasn’t had any issues at all. My next dog in the future
    I will be coming back to choose my next one. Quality dogs are only sold here.

  19. Hello, I want to give you an update on Alvy Brown. He has made himself a home with us instantly. He is a bundle of joy and activity. With a bunch of cuddling and love. Thank you so much.

  20. Hello everyone,
    Molly ( Felicity ) is such a joy.
    Only issue is she is a fussy eater.
    She obviously is getting enough food, her energy level is through the roof!
    She pooped 3 Xs already from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm so about every 4 hours.
    Tomorrow she has her 2nd visit at the veteran for a puppy shot.

  21. I live in Wales Massachusetts would I be able to buy a puppy from you if I decided to

  22. We bought a Jack tzu name captain we named him Elliott
    This dog is the best dog I have ever had
    He is smart loving
    Thank you

  23. Hi I’m Sheryl Hines. On 5/25/10, I purchased a sweet little Lhasachon name Nikki from Amy Young. I remembered it as if it was yesterday. Nikki was absolutely beautiful, and I was the best mother in the world to my two young daughters at the time. LOL! October 2021, our sweet little girl became ill and we had to make the hardest decision in the world. She gave us almost 12 years of pure joy, love, and happiness. Everyone knew who my little Nikki was because of her take charge personality. Vet staff, neighborhood, groomers, other furry friends, and family knew when she was in the room. She was sooooo smart. It’s been extremely difficult not having her around, and my heart is still heavy. I think of her every day. However, her memories remain in our hearts. A.A. Ridgewood Kennels gave us a rare Diamond that cannot ever be replaced. Although, it’s definitely too soon to even think about another little fur baby. But, when we do it will definitely be this puppy Boutique. Thanks for loving your animals so much that they bring that love with them. Three other friends have also purchased puppies per my recommendation, and they are also very happy!!

  24. We adopted a shih tzu (Denim) renamed Remy Martin in August. Remy is now 5 months old and pure joy. My vet said he is very healthy with no issues that he can see. He is bright, intelligent, and amusing and I have done nothing but smile since he came into my life.

    • Aw. So glad to hear it. Thank you!

  25. We were lucky enough to have found the missing piece to our family 8 years ago and his name is Colby Bilbo. He’s a Bichon Poodle and he’s sweet, loving to others. Colby can be stubborn at times 😅😉 but he’s the best part of our days. My family love him so much. My extended family purchased a dog here and when we were looking told us to come here. This place is warm, welcoming, and very Knowledgeable which is very important to finding the right dog. Whatever they say, u listen they are the experts. This place has it all.

    Colby is the best part of our family and we love him so much. We can never repay what you did for us . Thank you!

  26. I drove from Pgh., last Saturday to pick up Widget and Fidget.; they were almost 6 months old when I purchased them. Widget is now “Snoop Dog” and Fidget is now “Scooby Do.” The vet said they are perfect and in fact have “Show Dog” personalities and that the breeder must have handheld them a lot because they just lay in your arms and against your chest. They are wonderful and when I have them in the street, cars stop, and people comment on how beautiful they are. They were groomed to get that kennel smell off them; they now understand who their pet mom is and we are working on the potty training which is going ok. I also had them chipped and they will be neutered in two weeks. I am doing everything I can to make their lives healthy and good; they deserve nothing less. I did my due diligence regarding this breeder and they are everything they promised to be. I really appreciate all of the information they provide for their puppies, training, and kennel. I already had a 12 year old dog at home and I now have 3 babies to love; I couldn’t be happier or blessed.

    • Hi Charlene, i’m sorry i missed this one. Glad everything was going well. Thank you!


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