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Ridgewood Kennels II

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Ridgewood Kennels started a little over 40 years ago with two toy poodles and a back porch in central Pennsylvania. Thinking, What are we going to do with these puppies?, turned into people knocking on our door. We decided it would be a fun hobby, then it turned into a sideline, then a full kennel and store. Our family-run business has now grown into a partnership with excellent, 5 star breeders and 2 stores; one in Kinzers, PA and one in Shrewsbury, PA.

Where it all started…

Original Ridgewood Kennels

Ridgewood Kennels Circa 1984

We specialize in small dog breeds, due to less health problems. We are more concerned with the health of the puppy than whether or not they will do well in the show ring. All purebred Ridgewood puppies are registered with the American Canine Association (ACA). All of our partner Kennels are State Licensed and Inspected, each puppy is USDA approved. And our partner kennels have ALL achieved the top status of being a five star kennel awarded by the American Canine Association. Our puppies are sent home with all seven of their immunizations already completed, along with two de-wormings, and three inoculations of Bordetella (preventing “kennel cough”). Confident in our puppies’ good health, we also send them home with a written lifetime warranty.

 Ridgewood Kennels been in business for 40 years and are a second generation business. That’s a lot of time to get it right. When you spend your entire life learning about puppies and dog behavior in general, it makes you a little more qualified and experienced. I believe that is evident in not only our personal conversations, but in our website.


Ridgewood Pet Supplies


About Ridgewood

Our Daughter Trin, with Baby Juno

Ridgewood Lhasa puppy

Our Sun Bather, Cricket

The purebred puppies we offer here at Ridgewood Kennels are all ACA certified and all of our puppies come from either four breeders with the FIVE STAR Achievement Award, or 2 breeders working towards the FIVE STAR Achievement Award. This is a voluntary program, and ensures that breeders stay in touch with proper breeding techniques.This means customers searching for certifications, recommendations, and the health of puppies will be reassured by the American Canine Association (ACA) that they are dealing with an excellent and trustworthy breeder. This system enables us to show you the quality of breeding, ongoing education, veterinary care, and proper husbandry techniques thereby increasing the quality of our pups.

Ridgewood Kennels is the only place that offers a full written lifetime warranty. In fact it’s unheard of in our business. Typically you get 30 days to a year. A very few offer up to two years, but have “warranty exclusions” built in.

Ridgewood Kennels DOES NOT ship puppies. Any place that offers to ship puppies should be a red flag. The stress put on a puppy during shipping can be extreme and the airlines are not qualified to take care of your puppy during it’s travel. The reason for shipping puppies is simply to expand your market and your wallet. Instead of placing puppies available in one small area they have opened themselves up to nationwide sales. And it can be extremely profitable to do so. The problem is you’re doing it at the cost of losing puppies or placing them into neglect.

We are NOT a puppy broker. A puppy broker is a site that offers other people’s puppies for sale and misleads you to believe they are being purchased through that business. It’s also the new loophole in combating unreputable breeders, since a broker can list anyone’s puppies, commercial, hobby, show kennels, the farmer down the roads accidents, etc.. most of the places your puppy will be coming from is unregulated. The reality is you’re purchasing your puppy straight from the farm but being sold your puppy from a guy on his computer and cell phone in his living room. They normally collect a fee for each puppy they were responsible for selling through their online sales. The problem is there is a very real disconnect in that process. Other than taking that initial photo, they have no time invested in the puppy. They don’t know it’s health and they don’t know it’s temperament. They always claim they have inspected the kennels, but don’t have the experience or knowledge to actually know what to even look for, if they even do to begin with.

Poncho at the Vet

Our Daughter and Poncho

Juno and the Girls Ridgewood puppies

The Girls (Future of Ridgewood!) and Juno

Puppy brokers

Handsome Juno

Puppies in boxes of cedar and readily available for you to pet and play with should also be a red flag. Many pet stores use this technique because it boosts their sales. The more people playing with them the more sales you have. Our puppies are kept in a separate room with it’s own air supply, heat, and ventilation. Puppies should be kept in drop cages, so that when they use the bathroom, it drops through. This way they aren’t subjected to walking on or sleeping in their own feces. No more than 1 puppy should EVER be in a single space. Most puppies are in various stages of being dewormed. They can also carry intestinal parasites. If one has something…they now all have something, especially in cedar boxes. When we walk into a store with 10 cedar boxes filled with puppies, our hands go from one box to the next with puppies licking and playing with every hand they come in contact with. I know this is fun for the consumer but it’s also a great way to spead contagions. When you go to the hospital your not allow into the newborn baby room to touch every brand new baby. This is why.

We try our very best to pair people up with the right dog. We often will try to discourage people from picking a particular puppy if we don’t think it’s the right one for their family. A sale is important but not at the cost of you or your puppies’ happiness. Combined with extensive knowledge in training, this is what ensures you have the best possible experience. And lessens the chances of things not working out.

A big sticking point for us here at Ridgewood Kennels is making sure our puppies don’t end up at the SPCA. However, in the event that somehow it still doesn’t work out, we offer an adoption out program. We have so far in all cases been able to find a home for previously placed puppies.

Ridgewood Dogs

Cricket & Juno, best friends and proof that little dogs and big dogs get along!

about Ridgewood

Poncho… You’re missed every day…

Cricket the Lhasa Apso

Cricket Love!

If you go out and browse some of our competitors, you will find, most of them are brokers. None of them offer the warranty we offer, they won’t help find homes for any that are displaced, and they don’t offer anything after the sale. It’s money for puppy, see you later, and good luck. We find that approach offensive and it leads to a preconceived perception of everyone in this business.

You may also notice the amount of information, resources and time we have spent on our website…we offer care in the forms of great, high end foods and supplies, training documents, grooming, Pet Insurance, lifetime warranties, are here for you after the sale, and have endeavored to provide you with the most possible fact based information to help you along your way.

We carry a wide variety of pet supplies.  Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits – You name it, we have you covered.  If you’re interested in placing a deposit on a Ridgewood Kennel Puppy this is the place to do it.  Shop with confidence – Ridgewood Store is secure and verified!

Our puppies are from reputable breeders in the ACA Five Star Achievement Program.  Those kennels that are both State and USDA licensed. Kennels we’ve had for 40 years.  Regulated, inspected and held to the highest health & sanitary standards.

We offer 90 Day No Interest Puppy Financing Through EasyPay Financing. Easy pay is now available for all states except New York. It’s Easy – Follow the link above, use zip code 17512, then fill out the application, bring your approval code to us and we can apply it to any puppy!

We offer mixed, as well as purebred puppies for sale in PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY. You can also find out all about their breed info.  Here, you can view the puppies to see which ones you may want to visit.  You also have the option to place a deposit to have a puppy reserved for you! 

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