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Ridgewood Kinzers
5015 Lincoln Highway
Kinzers, PA 17535
Phone: (610) 873-7045
Fax: (717) 407-5431


Ridgewood Kinzers
5015 Lincoln Highway
Kinzers, PA 17535
Phone: (610) 873-7045
Fax: (717) 407-5431

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*Ridgewood’s Puppy Purchasing Procedures*



Puppies become available for deposit online when they are anywhere from 5-7 weeks old typically.  We do not bring puppies to the store until they are 9-11 weeks old, some older depending on size.  They can legally leave mom at 8 weeks but they are much more ready for that transition a couple of weeks later.  We have a gradual weaning process we go through with them to make it less stressful on them and therefore you when you pick them up!  From 5-9 weeks old, puppies are available for deposit only.  They cannot be visited through this time as they are going through that delicate process of bonding with mom, weaning from her and going through our socialization process which prepares them for the world.  Once a puppy is 9-11 weeks, if they have not yet found a home, they will be available in store for a deposit or same day purchase.
Each puppy’s individual page will list their availability.  If their page says “in store,” they are of age and are in the store for visitations.  If their page says “deposit only,” they are too young and are not available to be seen in person.

Ways to View Our Puppies:
-Visit our All Available Puppies page which is kept up to date.  You can view all our current puppies there and if you click their picture, you’ll be taken to their individual page where you can see all their info.
-In store visits, which you’re welcome to do anytime we’re open (remember not ALL pups on our website are in store for visitations yet).
-Each puppy who is in store will have at least one Live Cam for you to view (please be patient as new pups come into the store as it can take a few days for them to have a Live Cam done).  On our Live Cam page, if you click the three lines at the top right of the video screen, you can see our playlist.  Scroll down to find the puppy you are interested in.  Their videos can also be found on a link on their individual page.
-Like our Facebook page, Ridgewood Kennels II Kinzers, where we post lots of pictures and videos!  Each pup has a video from the day they were first posted and from the day they arrived at the store and most will have a picture posted here and there.

Scheduling & Visits:
All pickups for deposits made ahead of time will be scheduled ahead of time by phone.  When you place a deposit online we will call as soon as we are able, to get you on the schedule. We do accept walk-ins for visitations with a puppy being held for you or if you are looking to pick out a puppy.  Appointments are not necessary unless it’s to pick up a puppy you already have a deposit on.

To keep everything flowing smoothly and fair to other customers, we ask that clients be conscious of staff and other customer’s time.  We know choosing a puppy is a big decision, just please remember our staff always have puppy’s needs to attend to as well as customers and they sometimes have to split their attention between several customers at once.  We just ask that everyone is patient with everyone else and careful in their puppy selections in keeping your visitation only with puppies you are very interested in.

Pick up appointments are 45 minutes at the most.  We need about 10 minutes to go over your paperwork and payment, but the rest of the appointment is your time to ask questions, pick out supplies and get to know your puppy.
Visitations for a puppy that is being held for you are 20 minutes.  This gives you some bonding time and gives your pup a much needed rest in …they tire quickly at this age!

Please be sure to read our Deposit Terms on any puppy’s individual page as that explains how our deposits work.  How long the deposit holds a puppy, what needs done if you want to switch puppies, etc.  Deposits for ANY puppy can be placed in store, online or over the phone.  Deposits are non-refundable but are transferrable in the first week OR during the period the puppy is still at the kennel with mom.

We do accept deposits on future puppies.  If you know what breed you would like and know that you want it from us, stop in or give us a call to reserve your spot in line for that type of puppy.  Please keep in mind that we are at mother nature’s whim and cannot guarantee color, size, gender, etc on unborn puppies.  A future deposit is suggested for customers who are perfectly happy to wait for exactly what they want.  Some are fulfilled quickly, some take longer, depending on what puppy it is for and how specific you are.
When you place a future deposit, you will be told if you’re first in line for that breed, second, etc.  Once your litter is of age for pictures and posting, you’ll be notified through email with pictures of all pups that suit your needs.  You would then call or email back and let us know which one you want held for you.  This all takes place before they are posted so you truly have your choice before anyone else sees the pups!

What to Expect After You Place a Deposit:
If you are placing a deposit on a puppy not yet in the store, you will be contacted shortly after by phone to schedule your pick up appointment.  If the date offered does not work for you, we can push the date back and hold the puppy longer, but we are not able to make the appointment sooner.

We cannot promise that we can take extra photos and videos for you.  Our primary focus is puppy care and they are good at taking up quite a bit of our time!  Taking good, cute photos takes much longer than most would think and sometimes we simply do not have time.  You are welcome to request photos of a puppy you have a deposit on, just please be patient with staff if we are not able to fulfill your request right away.

We are offering DELIVERY again.  Spots are very limited and will be scheduled at our discretion.  Please visit our delivery page for costs and details on our delivery services.

Choosing a Puppy:
If you have any special needs/requirements of the puppy, like size for traveling or landlord purposes, shedding for allergy purposes, are expecting a certain personality, etc. PLEASE go over this with us as soon as possible.  It is not fair to the puppy to tell us four days before pickup that you have allergy concerns when you did a deposit on a puppy that will shed after that puppy has been being held for you for a month.  Ideally, you can use our Online Chat and we can steer you in the right direction breed-wise for your needs BEFORE you place a deposit.  If you’ve done a deposit on a puppy that is not ideal for your requirements, it’s much easier to switch your deposit to another puppy right away than to do it just a day or two before he/she is supposed to go home with you.

We are happy to help you in store, by phone or on our Live Chat if you have any questions on a specific puppy or if you need help deciding with puppy would be best for your family.  Our staff are very knowledgable and will always do their best to make sure you get the best pup suited to your needs.

If a staff member helped you in your choice before your deposit, please feel free to tell us that in your order notes!  We love to give them the credit they deserve for their hard work in helping you find your perfect puppy!

Currently the pricing on puppies is being set by a fluctuating market that we have no control over. They go from modest to extreme and because of that it’s become impossible to give quotes on puppies that aren’t available right now.  Right now the average price for a pup under 12 weeks old is $1200…much more reasonable than a year ago! 

Ridgewood Puppies
Ridgewood KEnnels II Kinzers
Ridgewood Kennels II
Ridgewood Puppies
Ridgewood KEnnels II Kinzers
Ridgewood puppies

We carry a wide variety of pet supplies.  Dogs, Cats, Birds, also Rabbits – You name it, we have you covered.  So if you’re interested in placing a deposit on a Ridgewood Kennel Puppy this is the place to do it.  Shop with confidence since the Ridgewood Store is secure and verified!

Our puppies are from reputable breeders in the ACA Five Star Achievement Program.  Those kennels are both State and USDA licensed. Kennels we’ve had for more than 40 years.  Regulated, inspected and held to the highest health & sanitary standards.

We offer 90 Day No Interest Puppy Financing Through EasyPay Financing. EasyPay is now available for all states except New York. It’s Easy – Follow the link above, use zip code 17512, then fill out the application and bring your approval code to us so we can apply it to any puppy!

We offer mixed, as well as purebred puppies for sale in PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY. You can also find out all about their breed info.  Here, you can view the puppies to see which ones you may want to visit.  You also have the option to place a deposit to have a puppy reserved for you! 

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