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  AA Ridgewood Kennels II, Covid-19 Policy

Ridgewood Puppies and Pet Supplies

*Information on our temporary COVID-19 Operating Policy*


Per the recommendations of our state government, we are operating on a strictly electronic basis for the next two weeks.  We understand this order was not mandatory, but we feel it is our responsibility, for our staff, customers, breeders and community to lessen our part in any community spread.  We bring many clients from many different towns, counties, states and regions, and feel it is best to close our physical doors for the next two weeks.  At the end of two weeks, we will reassess our closure and new government recommendations and mandates, and will announce what we plan to do going forward.  As of now, we plan to reopen in an appointment only capacity in two weeks.
That being said, our puppies still need homes and families.  All puppies listed on our website ARE available for deposits on our website.  WE are available for questions through online chat and email.  Any deposits placed online, on puppies during our COVID-19 closure will be eligible for a 5% discount at the time of pick up.  Deposits are non refundable but are transferable, however, transferred deposits will no long receive the 5% discount.
Whether or not we reopen in two weeks time, pick ups for puppies who get deposits in these next two weeks WILL be scheduled for two weeks from now, assuming the puppy is ready to go home.  If this closure would become long term,  We would limit as much contact between staff and customers as possible, we would continue electronic based deposits with extra videos online and privately scheduled pick ups.  We understand that some of you do not want to place a deposit on a puppy, sight unseen and we understand.  We ask that you be patient and understanding with us and our ever changing policies as we continue to wade through this uncharted territory.  We are balancing a very fine line of responsibility and accountability for our customers, community, puppies and staff and are just doing the best we can for all involved. 
Please rest assured, that AA Ridgewood Kennels II is in this for the long haul.  Whether it be warranty concerns, wanting a future puppy, having a future deposit, wanting to stay in touch over past puppies…WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  We’ve been through crises before, and are built for and set up to endure during these difficult times.  We hope for the best that we will reopen in two weeks, but plan for worse and will be here in some way for you no matter what!

*UPDATE  3-20-20*

The COVID-19 crisis is an ever-evolving situation, so we wanted to update you on our latest policy changes.  We are classified as essential by the state of Pennsylvania in that we are a support business to the animal industry and our puppies HAVE to go to their forever homes.  Even if breeding would stop today, there are four months worth of puppies behind this weeks’ pups coming of age, either born or expected to be born, so to keep them accommodated properly, we must move the pups to their forever homes.  With that in mind, we will remain closed for shopping and visitation until any and all statewide/nationwide mandates are lifted.  As most of you know, this could remain in effect for two weeks, or be extended.

We will continue to update our website weekly, with our accompanying newsletters, as new puppies come of age.  All puppies on the website are available for deposit and we are available through facebook messaging, email or our online chat for any questions you may have on the puppies.

Whether it’s two weeks, or longer, we will be making private appointments for puppy pick up ONLY.  To minimize our staff contact with the public, we will be operating on an every other Saturday pick up day starting Saturday, March 28th.  We know for most of you, this will be the first time you are meeting your puppy, so we are allotting a strict 45 minute appointment for each customer.  This ensures we can fit everyone in, sanitize properly between each appointment and give you time to get acquainted with your new puppy and go through paperwork (which takes 10-15 minutes).

Pickups will be at our KINZERS location only.  As we are pickier than most about the confidence our pups feel and their readiness to go through the stress of moving, it will be rare that we send pups home before ten weeks old during this time.  Most of our puppies will be closer to 12 weeks old when they go home to ensure they are ready for the move.

We do understand that some of these policies are not ideal.  Nothing about the world we’re living in at the moment is ideal, and while we are all about customer service and would love to make exceptions, please understand that we are all going through what you’re going through…except with lots of little puppies that have no idea what is going on the world.  They expect us all to remain happy and healthy enough to take care of them as usual, so the measures we are taking are to ensure that.

The following measures will be taken during every pick up appointment:

-Give us a call when you are in the parking lot, we will open the door for you.

-No more than two people from any one group/appt may enter the building

-We will pick out any merchandise that you may need for your puppy.  You may choose it, but our staff accompany you around the store and will take it off our shelves and take it to the counter to check it out for you.

-This unfortunately also means that puppies cannot be touched until you have decided you definitely want that puppy.  Puppies cannot be “disinfected,” so they will need to remain untouched until you are certain that he or she is leaving with you that day.  We will bring your puppy out to play and you will have most of that 45 minute appointment to observe him or her to see personality.  (Again, we KNOW this is not ideal, but it goes in line with the times we are living in right now, and we cannot make any exceptions.)

-Once you have decided you are definitely taking the puppy home, we will go over paperwork, and then you are welcome to snuggle as much as you like!

-We do ask that you use hand sanitizer, upon arrival in the store, and please, if you are feeling ill, call and reschedule your appointment.

-The goal is for you to literally only touch the pen and paper that you need to sign to take the puppy home.  These measures are to protect everyone involved and give everyone peace of mind.

-In between each appointment the areas that customers are in will be thoroughly sanitized.  IPad, pens, counter, chairs, door handles, etc, even if they have not been touched by other customers. 

We thank you all for your understanding in this.  We’ve spoken privately with so many of you in the last week about our policies, and how fast changing this situation can be, and your patience with us has been so uplifting and is appreciated.  We are all going through a tough time right now,  and can only get through it together, with cooperation and understanding!  We thank you again, for your continued understanding, and will keep you updated on any future policy changes.

*UPDATE  3-29-20*

It looks like our shutdown is going to last another month at least. And some states are issuing stay at home orders. With that said, please know that our business is listed by our state government as essential.  That means while we are not technically open for business in the normal sense of the word “open” (by our choice), we are non-the-less open to you and 1 guest for your pick up appointment.  That also means, that the average person is allowed to travel to and make visits to essential businesses.   If requested we can send you a letter of explanation to take with you on your trip.  You may also wait until the travel bans have been lifted, your deposit will not be lost, and your puppy will not be sold out from under you!

Those traveling to us for your pickup should prepare for your drive accordingly.  Fill up locally (gas stations are essential), take plenty of food and water and anything else you might need for a non stop trip.  It is better to be early and wait in your car until your appointment time than to be twenty minutes late and feel rushed during your now shorter appointment or miss your appointment all together.  We are on a very tight schedule with other puppies to send home, so if appointments are missed, you will have to wait until the end of the day or reschedule for another day.

With our phones being in the stores and the store being closed (except for pickup appointments) they will not be regularly answered over the next two weeks.  You may leave voice mails and we will do our best to return those calls.  We will however be answering our online chat platform, and emails during regular business hours.  Those who have done deposits online to hold a puppy will be contacted regularly through email.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Please note, we are doing our very best to answer all emails, and chat requests.  But the amount of electronic communication is more than we expected.  We’re working all day every day and still struggling to get to everyone.  For that reason emails and chats are being handled in order of urgency.  We are doing our very best to get to everyone. Please don’t email or chat us about how unfair our policy is, we get it, choosing a puppy from a picture is less than ideal.  But these aren’t ideal times and it’s the way it is right now.  The policy is the policy and no exceptions can be made.  The care of our puppies, employees, kennels and our customers is more important than anything else.  If you don’t like the policy, we recommend you wait until things are back to normal and we’re back to doing business in a normal manner.    Our trips to the kennel are extremely limited right now for social distancing purposes.  For that reason, we aren’t taking extra pictures and videos of the puppies, even puppies with deposits on them.  We know, again…less than ideal but please remember, every time we interact with a kennel caretaker or them with us, we risk exposing each other.  Kennel trips are limited to one day a week, to take pictures for the next set of pups and to bring all puppies over for that weekend’s pickups. Exceptions will not be made.  We once again thank you all for your understanding! 


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Our puppies are from reputable breeders in the ACA Five Star Achievement Program.  Those kennels are both State and USDA licensed. Kennels we’ve had for more than 40 years.  Regulated, inspected and held to the highest health & sanitary standards.

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