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New Puppies for Sale Oct 23rd 2018

New Puppies for Sale Oct 23rd 2018

New Puppies for Sale 10/23/18

New Puppies for Sale Oct 23rd 2018

Hello everyone!  It’s been a very busy, exciting October for us, and all the excitement is really just getting started!  We’ve got a very sweet bunch of pups for this you week, but they’re all in Shrewsbury and we won’t have anymore new pups in Gap…because we’re moving in a week and a half to Kinzers!  Our new location is bigger, better and completely remodeled to suit our pups’ and customers’ needs and we’re so excited to move them in and show it off to you!  We’ll be open in Gap through Monday, October 29th and will reopen at 5015 Lincoln Hwy in Kinzers, PA on November 1st!  Save the date and stop in!  We’ll have goodies for all our furry visitors the first weekend we’re open, so bring your furbaby in to shop and your past Ridgewood pups in for a visit with us and to check out the new place!
P.S.  As logistically hectic as moving a store is…Shrewsbury is next!  We’re hoping for a well deserved 2019 upgrade/relocation for our Shrewsbury store so keep an eye out for that!

We have 5 new sweeties in Shrewsbury this week, and they’re very excited that they’ve joined us just in time for our Annual October Sale!  This week, through Sunday, get some extra savings when you make the new love of your life a part of your family!  Puppies 16 weeks and older are $75 off, puppies 12-15 weeks are $50 off and puppies 11 weeks and younger are $25 off!  If there is that older pup you’ve been keeping an eye on, now is the time to jump on making them yours!  If you see a new pup you just love, get that savings by placing a deposit online today!  All pups go home with our Lifetime Warranty and their puppy shots completed.  And don’t forget now is the time to get your Christmas Deposits in!  Enjoy the new babies below!

This week, Ridgewood welcomes Tom, Wiggle, Charleigh, Hayleigh and Yale!

First up for this week we have Tom, a very sweet, very lovable Cockapoo puppy!  Tom is just a gentle, good tempered little boy and we love him so much!  He is half Cocker Spaniel, half Toy Poodle and loves children and playing with other puppies.  His mood is always so jolly and he is sure to add lots of happiness to his forever family!  Cockapoos are always one of our first recommendations for kids and people who want an easier experience with training.  This little boy promises to be one of the best pups you’ve ever had!  Stop in to make him yours today!

Cockapoo Puppy For Sale – Tom, Male – Deposit Only

Up next we have Wiggle, one of the sweetest, most tame Jack Russell Terrier pups you’ll ever meet!  Is he athletic? Yes.  Is he capable of tons of energy?  Yes. But does he feel the need to show all that off like a lot of other Jacks?  No.  Wiggle would rather lay quietly on his bed, chewing an owner approved toy, or snuggle into a comfy lap.  We think he must be mixed with stuffed animal!  Wiggle got his name because when he walks, his tail sashays from side to side and it just might be the cutest little swagger we’ve ever seen!  Stop in to meet his sweet Jack Russell today, or reserve him online to make sure he’s held for you!

Jack Russell Puppy For Sale – Wiggle, Male – Deposit Only

Now we have two sweet Morkie sisters! Charleigh and Hayleigh, are 3/4 Yorkie, 1/4 Maltese and obviously resemble their Yorkie side very much!  They are the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.  They love to play but are great cuddlers too!  Morkies are great with children who can be gentle with their small size and are a good choice for people who have mild allergies.  Charleigh and Hayleigh are very eager to join your family in lots of love and adventure, so call to reserve one today!

Morkie Puppy For Sale – Charleigh, Female – Deposit Only


Morkie Puppy For Sale – Hayleigh, Female – Deposit Only

Last up for this week, we have a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel!  Just look at that sweet face!  Yale joins his brother, Princeton in the search for a forever family this week and he can’t wait to find you!  Yale is much bigger than the other pups this week, but plays so gently with them, and is such a hero, big brother type, he just melts our hearts.  He loves to cuddle and will make someone an amazing companion dog!  Cockers are a great breed for families to love to camp or go hiking and do other outdoors activities and have their dog with them for all of it.  They’re also great for lazy evenings laying by a fire, or curling up for a good nap on a rainy day!  Yale is very excited to meet you, so stop in to see if it’s a match made in heaven today!

Cocker Puppy For Sale – Yale, Male – Deposit Only

Check out these new puppies in our weekly new puppy videos on Facebook!

Thank you all so much for checking out the new Shrewsbury pups!  Just give us a call or stop in if you see someone you’re interested in!  With the big move, we won’t have new pups next week, but will be back to our normal schedule the week of the week of November 4th!  We’ll see you back here then, with more new pups!

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