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New Puppies at Ridgewood

Puppies For Sale May 7, 2019

Hi everyone!  We’ve got an awesome group of puppies to share with you this week!  You’re welcome to visit them anytime, or give us a call and let us know if you have questions or if there’s someone you’re interested in!  If you are looking for a specific, small breed dog and we don’t have that breed at the moment, let us know because we may have some coming soon!  We can give you information on upcoming litters and a deposit can even be placed on future litters so you have first pick when they arrive.  All Ridgewood puppies go home with our Lifetime Warranty and their puppy shots completed.  Stop in anytime, and enjoy the new puppies below!

This week, Ridgewood welcomes Payton, Sushi, Saki, Warner, Wendy, Winnie, Emerald, Diamond, Opal, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Benji, Pippin & Samwise!

First up, we have Payton, a very sweet Boston Terrier puppy, who joins her big brother Pete in the hunt for a forever home!  Payton is all personality.  She loves to give kisses…like if kissing were an Olympic Sport, she’d win the Gold every time.  She loves playtime and so enjoys playing with kids and other puppies.  Everything is fun and exciting to her and her feel-good, happy nature is totally contagious!  If you’re looking for a tiny companion, who always wants to cheer you up, then your search has ended!  Call to make Payton yours today!
Payton, Female Boston (Shrewsbury)

Payton Boston Terrier puppy for sale in WV

Next up we have two beautiful, unique Westiepoo puppies!  Sushi and Saki are just stunning with their rare coloring that they get from their Poodle daddy.  Mommy is a West Highland White Terrier and these two pups are everything good about both of those breeds!  Bright, charming and gentle, these two pups are wonderful with children and love to make new friends.  They’re great with other puppies as well and are always the ring leaders in the play area, but are so gentle and sweet during their playtime.  We can’t wait to share these two with their forever families, so stop in to make one of them yours today!
Sushi, Male Westiepoo (Shrewsbury)

Sushi Westiepoo puppy for sale in PA

Saki, Female Westiepoo (Kinzers)

Saki Westiepoo puppy for sale in DC

Now we have three beautiful Shichon puppies!  Warner, Wendy and Winnie are three of the sweetest, most lovable pups.  They are half Shih Tzu, half Bichon Frise and one of our first recommendations for first time pet owners and families with children.  They are also a good choice for families with allergies!  These three cuties have such gentle spirits and get along great with other puppies.  They can’t wait to start learning all sorts of good behavior and tricks for their forever families, and are hoping for lots of awesome adventures growing up!  Give us a call today to add one of these great pups to your family!
Warner, Male Shichon (Kinzers)

Warner Shichon puppy for sale in MA

Wendy, Female Shichon (Kinzers)

Wendy Shichon puppy for sale in DE

Winnie, Female Shichon (Shrewsbury)

Winnie Shichon puppy for sale in MD

We have three sweet Cocker puppies up next!  Oh my goodness are these three cute or what?!  Emerald, Diamond and Opal are those chubby, lazy, sweet tempered pups you could curl up with on the couch and forget about the world outside for hours.  They LOVE affection and snuggle time!  Cockers are such an adaptable breed.  Have kids who want to play with a pup in the backyard?  Cocker.  Are you a retired couple who spend most of their time gardening and want a statue of a dog to lay by your side while you do it?  Cocker.  Are you a homebody who lives on the couch and wants a companion to live there with you?  Cocker.  Are you a family who enjoys camping and hiking and wants to take your furbaby along?  Cocker!  They are great in so many different households and these three can’t wait to start building a life with you.  Stop in to make one of these beautiful pups your next family member today!
Emerald, Male Cocker (Shrewsbury)

Emerald Cocker puppy for sale in NY

Diamond, Female Cocker (Shrewsbury)

Diamond Cocker puppy for sale in CT

Opal, Female Cocker (Kinzers)

Opal Cocker puppy for sale in PA

Now we have Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup, our new Dachshund litter!  These three cuties are so sweet and affectionate.  They love to curl up in our laps and they seem to think humans are the greatest thing given to dogs since memory foam beds.  We are here to serve (and we don’t really have a problem with that!)!  Dachshunds make a great companion dog and are good with children who know to be gentle with their backs during playtime.  These three are super excited to become a part of your family, so reserve one online today!
Mayo, Male Dachshund (Shrewsbury)

Mayo Dachshund puppy for sale in VA

Mustard, Male Dachshund (Kinzers)

Mustard Dachshund puppy for sale in RI

Ketchup, Female Dachshund (Kinzers)

Ketchup Dachshund puppy for sale in NJ

Benji is next!  This beautiful Bichonpoo puppy is another sweetheart!  He loves to cuddle and plays so sweetly and gently with children.  He is half Bichon Frise, half Poodle and will make an excellent pet for people who have allergies.  Benji promises to be “a super good boi” (his words, not ours) for training and to bring your family so much happiness!  He can’t wait to meet you so visit today, or call to reserve him over the phone!
Benji, Male Bichonpoo (Shrewsbury)

Benji Bichonpoo puppy for sale in VA

Last up for this week, we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!  Pippin and Samwise join their brother, Frodo in the hunt for forever families this week.  They are such affectionate little boys and have such charm and sweetness.  It’s hard to spend any time with these two without falling in love.  We definitely recommend a visit with them very soon!  Cavaliers train really well and are another breed that does great as a gentle companion dog or a high action go-getter.  Whatever your family needs!  Pop in for a visit with these sweet boys, or reserve one online today!
Pippin, Male Cavalier (Kinzers)

Pippin Cavalier puppy for sale in DE

Samwise, Male Cavalier (Shrewsbury)

Samwise Cavalier puppy for sale in MD

Check out these new puppies in our weekly new puppy videos on Facebook!

We thank you for checking out the new puppies!  We’re open seven days a week in both locations and you’re welcome to visit anytime, no appointment needed!  We hope all the mothers out there have wonderful Mother’s Day!  See you back here next Tuesday with more new pups!

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