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New Puppies at Ridgewood

Puppies For Sale May 14, 2019
Hello everyone!  We hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  We know quite a few who received new four legged babies as a present!  It was a busy weekend here at Ridgewood, and we just loved seeing so many of our pups get homes and so many moms thrilled with their new pups!  We are open seven days a week in both locations for you to visit, so feel free to stop in anytime you like!  Ridgewood puppies go home with all their puppy shots completed and our lifetime warranty.  We specialize in small breeds and if we don’t have the breed you’re looking for at the moment, give us a call!  We’re happy to let you know if we have what you’re looking for coming up!  We’ve got a big group of pups today, so we’re going to get right to it!  Enjoy the new puppies below!

This week, Ridgewood welcomes Chase, Bobby, Billy, Bessie, Bonnie, Wish, Dream, Honey, Hannah, Crouton, Bacon Bit, Gus, Gabe, Gwen, Gal, Field, Meadow and Prairie!

Sweet, tiny Chase is up first!  This adorable Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect candidate for a lap dog or companion dog!  Chase LOVES to cuddle and his favorite thing in the world is a comfy, warm lap to snuggle up in!  Yorkies are such a great breed if you’re looking for a small but fun best friend to spend your days and nights with.  They train well and play well with children who know to be gentle with their small size.  Chase can’t wait to begin his life with you, so stop in or call to make him yours today!
Chase, Male Yorkie (Kinzers)

Now we have a sweet and silly litter of Cockalier puppies!  We know a lot of you have been waiting for this wonderful mix and here they are!  Bobby, Billy, Bessie and Bonnie are soooooo good at plopping down in front of you and giving you those sad puppy dog eyes for a belly rub or an ear scratch or a good snuggle.  They know what they’re doing and boy are they good at it!  They are so much fun during play time.  Silly, a bit uncoordinated and so happy-go-lucky!  Cockaliers are a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They love human companionship and will make great companion dogs for homebodies or families who are always on the go!  Reserve one of these cuties online today to make them yours!
Bobby, Male Cockalier (Kinzers)

Billy, Male Cockalier (Shrewsbury)

Bessie, Female Cockalier (Kinzers)

Bonnie, Female Cockalier (Shrewsbury)

Now we have two beautiful Cavapoo sisters!  Look at those sweet faces!  Who couldn’t fall in love with two gingers who have the biggest hearts and look up at you with those endearing, beautiful, cartoonish eyes of theirs??  Wish and Dream are half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle.  They are such lovebugs, we can hardly handle all the snuggles and kisses they want to give us!  Cavapoos are wonderful dogs for children and they are another breed that is great for mostly snuggling indoors or going on lots of family fun adventures!  These two cuties can’t wait to bond with you and start an amazing life adventure with you, so pop by for a visit and see if you don’t just fall in love!
Wish, Female Cavapoo (Kinzers)

Dream, Female Cavapoo (Kinzers)

Honey and Hannah are up next!  These two beauties are so eager to meet you!  Their brother Hunter, found his forever home in about five minutes and these two sisters are hoping they won’t have to wait long either!  Honey and Hannah are Mal Shi puppies, half Maltese, half Shih Tzu.  They are a very good choice if you are looking for a lap dog or emotional support puppy!  Mal Shis don’t shed and are a good choice for people who have allergies.  These two cuties can’t wait to give you lots of love so stop in to make one of them yours today!
Honey, Female Mal Shi (Kinzers)

Hannah, Female Mal Shi (Shrewsbury)

Crouton and Bacon Bit are up next!  Such cuties!  These adorable Morkie pups are very eager to get into forever homes and hope you’ll visit very soon.  They are half Maltese, half Yorkshire Terrier.  Crouton and Bacon Bit love playtime, and are so fun but gentle and silly but very smart!  Morkies are another breed that make great companion dogs and can be trained for therapy or emotional support dogs.  They love affection and attention so they train very well with lots of praise!  These two can’t wait to go home with you so stop in and make one yours today!
Crouton, Male Morkie (Kinzers)

Bacon Bit, Female Morkie (Kinzers)

Now we have four very sweet Teddypoo puppies!  Gus, Gabe, Gwen and Gal are a mix of Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise and Poodle.  These four are very good for allergies!  Teddypoos are a great pup for first time pet owners as they train very well and quickly.  They love playing with children and are great cuddlers too!  These four are so adorable in the play are and we love them for their gentle nature and their need to always make sure everyone is happy and having a good time!  Stop in to meet these cuties today or reserve one online to make him or her yours!
Gus, Male Teddypoo (Kinzers)

Gabe, Male Teddypoo (Shrewsbury)

Gwen, Female Teddypoo (Kinzers)

Gal, Female Teddypoo (Shrewsbury)

Last up for this week we have three super sweet Jack Russell Terrier puppies!  Field, Meadow and Prairie are such affectionate Jacks!  They love to cuddle and get tummy rubs and they think humans are absolutely amazing.  They love playtime, of course and are always the ring leaders in the play area, but are so sweet and gentle with the other pups!  Jacks make great traveling companions and are a good pet for families who love outdoor fun and adventure.  These three can’t wait to start an amazing life full of fun and adventure with you, so give us a call to make one yours today!
Field, Male Jack RT (Kinzers)

Meadow, Female Jack RT (Kinzers)

Prairie, Female Jack RT (Shrewsbury)

Check out these new puppies in our weekly new puppy videos on Facebook!

Thank you so much for checking out all these new pups!  They’re all very excited for forever homes, so if you see someone you like, give us a call!  We’ll see you back here next Tuesday with more new pups!

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